How to Clean My Mac – Best Recommendations

One more glitch – and you are seriously thinking of doing something to your Mac. Where are all its speed and smoothness got to? In the old times, you have never had problems with too long page load time and never noticed that your Mac wakeup was so agelong. If you have found out that your Mac started to freeze up – don`t despair! Perhaps it just needs a little cleaning.

When I first thought of a Mac disc cleanup, I asked myself the following questions:

  • how to clean my mac hard drive?
  • why do I need to clean up mac hard drive?
  • how to make mac faster?

Let`s see what the answers to these questions are.

How to clean my mac hard drive?

As soon as you free up space on mac, it will demonstrate much better performance. Another question is how to do it. I have reasonably concluded that if I want to know how to clean my mac, the first thing I need is to understand the reasons for its working so slowly. Three main ones appeared to be the following:

  • lack of updates;
  • too many unnecessary files hidden within the system;
  • presence of defected files.

When it comes to Mac updates – the issue is easily solved by taking a new regular one. It is much more difficult with the other two points. The overall analysis has allowed me to judge that almost all sections of my Mac have been significantly affected by my careless way of working. Mail section is full of saved attachments from the messages, which I received via the Internet; iPhoto contains plenty of duplicates; and some tracks from iTunes section simply won`t play. But the worst is hidden within the system folders – too many apps and software I don`t even know about.

My initial idea was to clean my macbook manually and to delete all the unnecessary files once and for all. However, I understood soon enough that it was easier said than done. Yes, I can delete the broken music tracks and I can do my best to find all the photo duplicates. But what about the junk in the system? How can I be sure I do not get rid of something truly valuable for my Mac? Being a regular user and not an IT pro or a code writer of any sort, how am I supposed to know what all these apps are for and which ones are vital for my system and which are not?

The solution that I have finally found is using a Mac cleaner, such as CleanMyMac 3. It allows me to clean the whole system instantly and what is more important, almost without my participation. The strongest point of CleanMyMac 3 for me is that it is truly a smart solution and that it can decide on its own about how important some or the other file is to the system. This cleaner deletes only 100% safe files, so there is no need to worry that my data safety or Mac`s operation will be somehow negatively influenced by the cleanup.

How does it work? Once CleanMyMac 3 starts working with your computer, everything you need to do it to set the task and enjoy the results. It is worth noting that the cleaner`s work is not limited to periodic system scanning and files removals. Once it is installed, it proceeds to work independently and to detect potential troubles in advance. It permanently checks your Mac performance to see what areas might need improving and even gives you advice on how to fix problems that may appear.

Why do I need to clean up mac hard drive?

Your mac hard drive works just like your body. If it is overweight or intoxicated, it just won`t function too good. All the mac elements get blocked by the heavy weight of the junk that is stored without any visible purpose, so the total performance suffers, too.

A clean mac is a healthy mac. Once it becomes free from the burden, you will not be long to notice the changes for better. Do you want to send a few mails with heavy attachments to your colleagues? Already done. Wish to share photos with your friends? Just a few clicks. Thought of downloading a few more music tracks? Work of a minute. Quick computer operation allows you to proceed with your everyday and business processes in a much faster way and to enjoy your life more.

How to make mac faster?

You must have already come to the conclusion that nothing makes Mac as fast-working as a good cleaning. Before you start, you must decide on a way to do it. The choice is obviously between two solutions – manual or automatic cleaning. Which one to select is up to you. The following analysis based on the most important parameters for any user will help you make your decision:

  1. Cost: Manual cleaning wins here. It is absolutely free of charge (if we don`t count that your time is worth money). Cleaning solutions are not too expensive but they do require some investment.
  2. Cleaning time: Automatic cleaning is obviously the fastest. No need to compare the instant processes of a good cleaner to the hours you have to spend at your computer determining problems and fixing them.
  3. Data safety: Automatic cleaners are usually much more successful in identifying safe-to-delete files than the unlucky users.
  4. Quality of cleaning: While cleaners are sure to remove all the unnecessary data, you can delete only the part of it in the manual way. What is more, the uninstalling procedures that users perform often appear to be incomplete.
  5. Future monitoring: available only with automatic cleaners. With the manual cleanup, you will have to repeat the same procedures again and again. What is more, it is always easier to prevent problems than to solve them afterwards.

Whether you have decided in favor of the ready-made solution or the manual cleanup, make sure you perform regular cleaning and monitoring, and you will be surprised how much can be changed for better.