How to Bring Your Slow Mac Back to Life

You might have noticed that your old Mac is slightly over the hill and its performance is too different from what it used to be. Slower operation does not only significantly slow down your work; it also annoys you and wastes your valuable time. Do not panic! Your Mac is down but not out. To cope with the problem, you should learn more about the main reasons of low processing and the solutions that are currently available.

Reason 1. Out-of-date software.

Apple is taking care of its clients by offering them free updates on the regular basis. Each new version of operation system is a little bit more improved than the previous one as it was created to eliminate the problems with the previous version and to make the device run more smoothly than ever. Be sure not to overlook the opportunity. If you have already missed one or a series of updates, your Mac can be left a little behind so it is not surprising it does not demonstrate excellency any more.

Solution: To update your software, select the appropriate action in the Apple menu. After updating your Mac OS to the latest version, you will not only get a faster device, but also a greater level of your files protection due to having the improved protection against various threats.

Reason 2. Too much junk in the system.

When you have a new Mac, it seems you can install new and new applications without the smallest effect on the device performance. People often forget to uninstall the unnecessary ones in time and they get lost among heaps of other useful or useless files. At the same time, all the downloaded applications are a heavy load to bear for a system memory. When it gets overloaded with files, it simply cannot operate as well as before. If you have not taken care of your system in advance, cleaning it now can become an incredible task to perform. Imagine how you check each and every folder to find traces of the long forgotten applications and try to uninstall each one manually. It doesn`t seem a promising solution, is it? Fortunately, there is the other one.

Solution: Get CleanMyMac 3 to do the job for you. This automatic cleaner is specially designed to identify the irrelevant and unnecessary files that are nothing more than a burden to your Mac. Do not be afraid of losing any part of your important data: CleanMyMac 3 is smart enough to select only 100% safe-to-delete files. With this solution, the whole system scanning and cleaning will require just a few clicks.

Reason 3. Excessive icons and widgets.

Too many icons on your desktop are almost as bad for your Mac speed as the heavy widgets are. Both are by all means useful and convenient, but the important thing is to make sure they are all really wanted. In addition to slowing your system, too great an amount of icons and widgets make your Mac untidy and too complicated to work with.

Solution: Spend ten minutes of your time to delete all unnecessary icons and make your desktop contain only relevant ones. As for widgets, it is recommended to get rid of the heaviest ones that can significantly influence the speed of processes. Once cleared, your desktop will seem totally different from what it was before.

Reason 4. Duplicates and temporary files.

This is the one of the most common problems that each user who has access to the Internet faces. All the files accessed in the Web leave traces on the device. For instance, have you ever known that copies of all your mail attachments get saved on your Mac? Imagine how much space it will take to store them. It is the same about photos: you have probably never suspected that your iPhoto section contains hundreds of identical files. Locating them manually is almost impossible since temporary files are stored in different folders. However, you will be surprised to learn how much space can be recovered if only the proper cleaning could take place.

Solution: Mail and iPhoto are among the sections cleaners are most effective with. Just set the proper task for your chosen cleaning solution and it will delete all copies and duplicates in an instant.

Reason 5. Damaged files.

How do corrupted files come to be stored at your device? There are many ways. First, it often happens that a user installs the application or software that won`t work properly and then forgets to uninstall it in the correct way before trying the next one. Secondly, plenty of broken downloads get accumulated in the iTunes section mixed with the valid ones. The next thing is many backup files, which get left on your device after the incorrect removals. In any case, broken or damaged files are definitely a burden that has to be removed.

Solution: CleanMyMac 3 easily identifies and deletes all the defected files once and forever. Even in case you know exactly what files you need to delete, simple sending them to trash won`t do. To destroy the file fully, it is necessary to perform a uninstalling procedure. CleanMyMac 3 ensures full files uninstalling that leaves no traces on the device.


Now that you know the most common reasons of your Mac working slowly, you can start improving your system right now. The easiest way to do it is to install a smart cleaner. Once set, it will do the whole work for you. In addition to fixing current problems, this smart solution can recognize potential threats and advise on how to fix them. Moreover, with it, you can personally control your Mac performance and see the slightest changes.

Do you want your Mac to run smoothly and quickly? Are you keen on protecting your system from accidental removals of important files? Do you want to make your working process fast and convenient? The solution is obvious.

Make your Mac healthy, and it will be as good as new.