macOS High Sierra: The Newest Version Of macOS

And here comes the long-awaited macOS High Sierra, the update that sets the Apple computer up for the future. Aimed to firstly improve the existing macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra has the main emphasis on the fundamentals. Simply speaking, everything basic yet of paramount importance, for instance, pictures and videos or data, have been improved and upgraded. Plus, Safari 11 boasts controls for autoplay videos. Moreover, as Apple states, the newest macOS leaves space for future innovations in terms of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). With all the mentioned above in mind, the novel macOS becomes even more secure, intuitive and lightweight than any of its predecessors. Already intrigued, right? Let’s take a closer peek at what macOS High Sierra has to offer.

What’s new in macOS High Sierra?

As mentioned in the opening, macOS High Sierra is all about deep technologies, making your Mac using experience even smoother, and more consistent yet secure and responsive.

Thus, they key macOS High Sierra features are as follows:

Apple File System(APFS). The robust 64-bit architecture file system with a responsive design boasts military-level security, including embedded encryption and crash‑safe protections. You will surely appreciate the APFS performance, which seriously reduces the time needed to do standard tasks.
MacBook 1
There are a lot of things to talk about in this Apple update. You will surely highly appreciate a more suitable organization, looped Live Photos with novel Live Photosediting capabilities, not to mention the novel Memories categories. You can now make your Favorite Memories for easy access.

So, now flipping through your albums when you’re out and about becomes even more pleasant.

The novel embedded Professional editing instruments, which are capable to make your photos fit for an art gallery, are worth a special mention as well. Use smart People identification to indicate your close ones in a snap. For greater and smother sharing, enjoy cross-device syncing for albums. Finally, you can take advantage of a number of third-party apps providing you with even more publishing and printing capabilities.

Yes, it’s evident that video supports 4K but now, they take less space. Moreover, you can get full advantage of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Encoding, aka H.265). Unlike H.264, the next version boasts better detail and color along with improved compression. Enjoy improved video streaming and a more enjoyable watching process. Pro users who are engaged in video creation will highly value the embedded Pro video editing capabilities.

Without doubts, Safari gets faster and better, offering greater browsing experience. Plus, you may benefit from the newly introduced autoplay-blockingoption for videos. Never get caught annoyed with any video playing without your permission again.
MacBook 2
Intelligent Tracking Prevention, based on machine learning, is also a great new addition. Plus, now you are able to fully customize your internet browsing experience resource by resource. Plus, now you can automatically use Safari Reader, which lets you read sites without ads, navigation, and other distractions.

Metal 2. The next level Metal, boasting upgraded API and smart developer tools. As Apple states, it becomes up to ten times smoother and more powerful.
MacBook 3
With it, developers can make even more robust and feature-packed games and applications as it gives them interactive and immersive virtual reality experience. Noteworthy is to add that Metal 2 also supports machine learning, and external GPUs.

Other minor updates: Siri, Notes, and Mail. Siri, which now supports cross-device syncing, becomes better musically inclined. The novel options (pin top notes) and Tables are now introduced in Notes. Come and test the improved and more convenient Search function in Mail.

And like with any macOS, macOS High Sierra is easy and fast to download and install. Simply follow the instructions.
MacBook 4
So, if you’re not installing High Sierra, we have to ask: What are you waiting for?

The Long-awaited Mac Pro 2018: Release Date And Features

The Mac Pro 2018: a radical revamp to the Mac Pro

Mac Users rejoice! The MacBook Pro laptop line will be updated soon. Yes, we’ve just tried out the new Mac Pro 2017, but Apple wants to impress its users even more. Today, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about the new 2018 MacBook Pro. We’ll try to satisfy your curiosity. Are you ready to test out Apple’s innovative machine, boasting groundbreaking technology?

What the 2018 Mac Pro Will Have to Offer

Not long ago Apple invited journalists to its Product Realization Lab and introduced a set of announcements regarding the Mac line. Among other exciting news, they told about a major revamp to the Mac Pro.

First of all, this machine will be fully redesigned. In fact, as Apple states, that will be a next-generation Mac Pro specially crafted for Pro clients requiring the highest-end system in a state of the art design along with a totally novel pro display. But, are their any other long-awaited specs included in this future device?


Below, we have made some predictions regarding the features and specularities the 2018 Mac Pro will include. Please notice that the following data is based on rumors and statements made by Apple and the people close to Apple. Still, the information is not proved.

  • Smart technologies and greater performance (who would argue?)
  • A modular system, meaning that the components are user upgradable
  • A whole new design
  • An 18-core Xeon processors, or maybe even more
  • At least 4.2GHz with Turbo Boost
  • Thunderbolt 3 ports that are likely to double up as USB Type-C
  • 10Gb Ethernet, providing up to 10 times faster networking.
  • 1TB SSD as typical along with configurable to 4TB SSD.
  • 32GB ECC memory by default, but will be configurable to 64GB or 128GB.
  • Additional smart touchscreen options.


Similar to others, the novel version of Mac Pro will be a joy to use. Too good to be true?

Needless to add, the thermal cor-ner is expected to appear again, but greatly renovated. How do you think it would be?

The Release Date

Apple keeps the release date of the novel computer in secret, yet we know that this machine is expected to appear in 2018. Besides, the earliest date to wait for this radical revamp, according to rumors, is April 2018. Hence, we are all looking ahead. And you?

Meanwhile, that is all we know for now. Let’s wait and check what this release will offer and how it can influence the user experience.

All About The iMac Pro 2017: Features, Release Date And Rumors

A Sneak Peek of iMac Pro 2017


With pro users in mind, the iMac Pro 2017 is a fully different creature. For now, it’s a top-of-the-line iMac, which every true Apple enthusiast has been looking ahead. Not only that it comes with Xeon processors, Radeon Pro Vega graphics, but it will provide Apple lovers with completely new experience, even more powerful, dynamic yet smoother and more engaging than ever. So, video editors, 3D animators, software developers as well as musicians, scientists, and Apple lovers get ready to test it out.

The iMac Pro 2017 Features, Specs and Rumors

This iMac Pro has not been introduced to the public yet, but we know enough about it so far. Let’s find out what is special about this innovative Apple product and why hundreds of people have been looking forward to seeing it.

When it comes to its features, get ready to benefit from the following:

  • the new Radeon Pro Vega GPU
  • 27-inch Retina 5K display
  • Up to 128GB of ECC memory
  • Up to 22 Teraflops of performance
  • Up to 4TB of SSD
  • Four Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Enhanced stereo speakers
  • Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.5GHz
  • Support of simultaneous connection of two high-performance RAID arrays and two 5K displays
  • 10Gb Ethernet, which is expected to offer 10 times greater networking.

Without any doubts, the options described above are intriguing enough for every user to wait for them. What about you, would you mind testing them out? Wondering when you will be able to have a real peek at the iMac Pro 2017? We’ll cover that below. So, don’t go away.

The Date When We Will Be Able to Admire

Coming in December this year, that will be a killer iMac Pro. As Apple states, the starting price for this long-awaited product is $4,999. Not bad, right? By the way, the intrigue does not end here. Indeed, as they say, the iMac Pro 2017 with the maximum coverage can cost up to $17 000. It’s not a joke. Will it be worth the money spent? Or maybe it’s better to buy a car? Please share your thoughts below.

 Still, you might start wondering why you will want to purchase it. The answer is pretty straightforward: it will be the best ever existing option for individuals who are engaged in:

  • Virtual reality content creation
  • Cutting-edge graphics editing
  • Real-time 3D rendering.

 iMac-Pro-picture 3
Just look at this picture and you’ll see how powerful the novel iMac would be. Thus, it might be said without exaggeration, virtual reality becomes reality with this awesome machine.

Anyway, as it was mentioned below, it arrives this December. There’s little time left. Let’s wait and check what it would be and how people would purchase it.

Speeding MacOS Sierra: Prerequisites Before Upgrade


All Apple fans have been waiting long for it and finally, here it has come – a major update to the Mac operating system – macOS Sierra. But before you proceed with the update, it is highly advisable to make sure that your Mac computer is compatible.

According to, these are the Mac models, which are compatible with Sierra:

  • MacBook (Late 2009 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (Mid 2010 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (Late 2010 or newer)
  • Mac mini (Mid 2010 or newer)
  • iMac (Late 2009 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (Mid 2010 or newer).

Now, that you have checked that your Apple computer is compatible with the new long awaited macOS Sierra, you can make an upgrade.

Once you’ve upgraded to MacOS Sierra, you can use everything it has to offer, and enjoy all of its much-needed refinements. By the way, we’ve gathered some of the best ones to watch out for:

  • Siri


Interesting to mention that Siri on Mac is not as plain as it is on iPhone and other platforms; on Mac, Siri not just checks the weather or creates a reminder, it has a lot more jobs to do. As a simple example, it features a number of file-centric commands, such as “Show me Notes I created yesterday”. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Test all its features!

Apple Watch unlocking or in other words, hands-free auto-unlock. ( please note the minimum is watchOS 3) You can now unlock your Mac hands free; it’s a great time-saver, isn’t it?

  • A universal clipboard (Copy and paste between macOS and iOS made easy). The new upgrade allows you to copy any block of text on your iPhone and to easily paste it on your Mac.

Noteworthy is the fact that apart the above-mentioned points, macOS Sierra has far more to offer. Without a shadow of a doubt, these are the greatest things to uncover, but all of them consume much memory of your Computer, therefore, they can greatly slow your Mac’s performance.

That is why we’ve collected some nice solutions that can be used to speed up macOS Sierra. Let’s check them.

Speeding Your MacOS Sierra: The Best Ways To Go

Thus, when it comes to macOS Sierra speeding up, the best solutions can be one of the following:

  1. Clean Up Your Mac. Yes, you heard that right, cleaning your Mac right after the update is a nice way to go as by doing this, you might find and delete some big or unnecessary files. Today, there are a number of cleaning Mac utilities, one of the most-wanted easy solutions, for example, is CleanMyMac 3.


  1. Add more RAM to your Mac. Needless to add, your Apple computer can be attached with one or more RAM, which depends on your use of the Apple computer.
  2. Get New hardware. Of course, speeding up macOS Sierra in that way is a bit pricy, but in some cases when old hardware significantly decreases your Mac running speed, this is really worth doing.
  3. Make sure you closed or got rid of all unwanted applications and programs. By the way, that is where a decent clean Mac utility, such as CleanMyMac 3, may become useful as well.
  4. Restart your Mac. After the upgrade to macOS Sierra, your computer may experience a freeze. Yes, some Mac users have already experienced this. In this case, all you need to do to speed up macOS Sierra is to restart your Mac.

Hence, these are the best solutions to make your Mac with macOS Sierra on it run faster. Prepare your Mac for Mac OS Sierra. Try applying them one by one, but if applying all of these ways still fails to fix the macOS Sierra slow performance, please find below some more useful recommendations.

Tip 1. If all the mentioned above issues do not solve the problem and your Mac  still works too slowly, that means that your Mac is too old to be compatible with macOS Sierra, so downgrading back to the previous OS would be a nice option.

Tip 2. If some of the applications run slow on your macOS Sierra, make sure that you have the newest versions. If not, upgrade them.

Tip 3. If everything works fine after the macOS Sierra upgrade, but you have noticed a Wi-Fi slow, we recommend you restarting the router and modem and turning them on within some minutes. If that does not  fix slow Wifi on Mac after updating to macOS Sierra, open Network Preferences, then find Advanced and there you need to delete the Wifi. Once Wi-Fi is deleted, add it again.

Final Note: As it was previously stated, MacOS Sierra is, currently, brand new; so new performance updates or other fixes introduced by Apple are expected to appear. For now and until then, use this guide.

Deleting Photos From iPhone: When and Why


You’ve bought the newest iPhone and are currently enjoying using it. That is cool! Indeed, it goes wherever you go and you start thinking how you could live without it before. You like its camera and taking photos has become a day-to-day matter for you. You take pictures when you see something unusual, cool or intriguing to share this with your friends. You use your camera when you need to remember something… Oh, there are so many situations when you need your iPhone! But after using it for a while you notice that it is running out of space. And that is when you start wondering how to delete photos from iPhone.

If this is about you, keep on reading – we’ve got the answer you need!

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How to Uninstall Applications On Mac: Key Issues To Remember

Uninstall Program

Mac computers bring lots of excitement when using them, right? Don’t answer! The majority of users who have turned from Windows to Mac say this! Macs work significantly faster than the majority of Windows computers. But we have to admit that switching from Windows to Mac can sometimes become a challenge because things in Mac might be different than in Windows. As a simple example, do you know how to delete programs on Mac? I mean, you can simply drag and drop the app you don’t need to anymore into the Trash, and then empty the Trash. But does this method guarantee you that this app along with all associated with it files and folders will disappear from your computer completely and forever? Not always. In fact, there are a number of programs, which will leave behind the files associated with them, even when you put the app icon to Trash.  Indeed, unlike Windows, OS X isn’t loaded with any kind of uninstaller. Thus, there are cases when you do have to know how to uninstall applications on Mac.

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What Is Mac Virus Scan And Why You Might Want It

The majority of us believe that if you’ve got an Apple computer, you do not need any virus protection for Mac, right? However, as my experience shows, that is not true. Indeed, the myth that Mac computers do not require any malware protection has recently been busted. Today, every computer, including your Mac, can catch viruses, Trojans, spyware & adware. Hence, it is obvious that any computer, including Macs, should be checked, cleaned and updated on a regular basis. Moreover, according to Bitdefender’s Senior E-Threat Analyst, Bogdan Botezatu, “Mac OS X software these days suffer from more high-risk vulnerabilities than all Windows versions put together.” That is why a good Mac virus scan performed on a consistent basis is essential for your Mac. It should be added that typically, apart from finding Mac malware and viruses with ease, such apps help you keep your Apple computer at the most powerful state.

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What Is Mackeeper and Why You Might Want to Uninstall It


MacKeeper is a utility software suite for Mac OS X, which provides cleaning, security, and optimization tools. It is designed to make your Apple computer run faster. Simply speaking, this is an app, which cleans your Mac from all unnecessary and old files. Needless to mention, there are both positive and negative opinions about this product. But, the majority of Mac users believe that if you come across any positive MacKeeper review, it is likely to be one of the reviews written by the developer of this product. Indeed, there are many people who happen to regret installing MacKeeper.  Let’s find out why.

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Dealing With The “MacBook Pro Runs Very Slow When Unplugged” Problem

MacBook Pro Battery

Your MacBook Pro has begun to run slow when it is running on batteries, hasn’t it? Meanwhile, once it is plugged to charger, it works fine, right? If you happen to face such a strange problem, don’t be upset, we will reveal you some hints on how to speed up your mac and solve this problem.

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